Welcome to SkyWatch Astronomy Education

SkyWatch is a South Australian owned and based company that is dedicated to enabling children, educators and the general public to learn about and be excited by the wonders of the night sky. SkyWatch has been operating since 2007 and has visited over 400 schools, libraries and other sites across South Australia, introducing over 200,000 children and adults to the wonders of the night sky.

We bring the Universe to you!

This site is under construction: please contact SkyWatch at dean@skywatch.com.au for more information or bookings. Note that current COVID restrictions in South Australia mean that a maximum of 15 people are allowed in the Mirrordome (instead of the normal maximum of 30 people), and star viewing nights are cancelled until restrictions are lifted. Public lecture-type presentations and Personal Development programs, provision and development of educational resources etc. are still available.


We provide the following resources:

Planetarium/Movie Theatre

We bring our “Mirrordome” planetarium to your site. This 3.6 metre high dome can accomodate up to 30 people at a time and enables exciting 360° movies, and realistic presentations of the night sky. Stars, constellations, movements of the Sun, Moon and planets can all be projected for any time and place. We can even zoom in on deep sky objects and show the aspects of the planets in real time: in fact we can provide all the features of a fixed planetarium, bringing the Universe to you and enhancing and supporting your science education curriculum.

The Mirrordome is not only a wonderful educational tool, but the programs entertain and delight audiences of all ages, from young children to adults at Kindergartens, OSHC, Primary and Secondary Schools, Tertiary education, Libraries, and even private parties or businesses.

Star viewing nights

SkyWatch also conducts star viewing nights with the latest telescopes and viewing aids for any number of people: for schools, public viewing nights, camps and conferences.

Professional Development and teaching resources

We can provide curriculum-based learning experiences, support and Professional Development opportunities for teachers, and can work with you to provide materials and support lesson plans for a wide variety of Astronomical topics.

After-dinner presentations

SkyWatch supports professional and business organisations with lectures, illustrated after-dinner talks (on a variety of astronomy-related topics) and star-viewing evenings. An exciting and different option for your next Professional Development seminar or dinner!

All your Astronomy Education and Observing needs

SkyWatch has the experience, contacts and expertise to provide advice and support in any area of observational astronomy, equipment procurement and maintenance, and program development. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs at any time!

The Skywatch Mirrordome
Dean Davidson, SkyWatch Owner