We have pleasure in providing a free star chart** each month, together with “The Night Sky”, a monthly article about Astronomy (The Night Sky). Please feel free to download a copy for your personal or school use. The chart is centred at a latitude of 35° south, and is useable from approx. 25° to 45° south: Skywatch Astro Ed Dec13.pdf

** Note: To use your chart, hold it in front of you around the time indicated, and turn it so that direction you are facing is at the bottom of the chart. The centre of the chart will be directly overhead. A torch covered with red cellophane or using a red LED will enable you to read the chart without reducing your night vision. Objects marked by numerals (eg: “2244”) refer to the “New General Catalogue (NGC) of deep space objects. Objects marked with an “M” refer to their “Messier” catalogue designation. These objects are generally visible in small to medium aperture telescopes, or good quality binoculars in dark skies (away from the moon or city lights).

Monthly Star Chart